“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.  - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Campaign Platform

Crime Deterrence


It’s no secret that our crime rate has risen over the past couple of years and, as a parent, I worry about my children every time they leave the home...even if it is just to play out front. This is not the Phillipsburg I grew up in. It’s a much scarier and more dangerous place…but we, as a community, need to band together and make our presence and our stance known.




We can do this by bolstering the Police Force through grant funds, forming more proactive block watch groups in our neighborhoods, providing facilities and activities for our children to gather, and by partnering with our Law Enforcement Professionals to promote and maintain programs already in place to deter crime.

Campaign Promises

I will not fund-raise or solicit funds!


People work hard for their money and the last thing they want to do is write a check for $50.00 to go towards campaign signs or mailers. Running for this seat is a privilege and a passion of mine…I will work hard to finance it myself.


This does not mean that I will not take donations, it just means that you won’t find me going door to door looking for handouts from the men and women of this town who work hard every day to put food on the table for their families, pay their utility bills to keep their families comfortable, and make monthly car payments that allows them to drive their children to and from organized sports or extracurricular activities.


My parents taught me at a very early age that you enjoy the things you want most by working hard and truly earning them.


Serving as your Council Member is something I truly desire and because of this, I will work hard and will not rely upon financing to get it done.


There is nothing unachievable in life.




Community Involvement


To really achieve our goals and to make the proposed changes necessary that will involve bringing our community closer while enhancing the quality of life, EVERYONE must be involved. We are all important pieces to the puzzle because, as a community, we truly are ONE…and we must function as such.


I aim to bring the community closer by remaining “open and honest”, maintaining a “direct and open” line of communication, and by involving everyone in community meetings of sorts where we can meet and discuss the issues that matter to you most.


I promise to always keep an open line of communication with the residents of our town!


I will answer every e-mail, every telephone call, and every request personally. I plan to keep extremely active and wish to stay in touch with the residents of this town so I can gather your ideas and make them our realities.


You can follow me on Facebook and twitter too!


I'm looking forward to speaking with each and every one of you!

I will not run nor support a negative campaign!


I may not agree with every choice made by each member of the current Town Council, however I admire their courage and strength to step in to the public eye and take on a position that many criticize but rarely attempt.


I publicly support these men and feel they have performed well….however I just feel that it’s my time; and my entering of this race should, in no way, be mistaken for public disapproval of the jobs they have done and continue to do.


I wish them the best of luck.



I will not lie to you!


I promise to never lie to you. No matter how hard it is to deliver unfavorable news, I will never try and cover up the truth or make things sound better than they really are. I am a man of my word and believe that honesty truly is the best policy.


Using colorful language to cover up the truth can have serious consequences in the long run, and it is my belief, that the people may not always like what you have to say, but they will respect you for your honesty.


Pretending to know everything closes the door to what is really there. I'd rather be truthful with the residents I represent than to lie and be deemed as untrustworthy.

I pledge to donate my Town Council Salary to the children and impoverished families in this town.


I don't feel that I should be paid to represent the people of this town and I feel this money can be better spent bettering the lives of our residents and children who are most in need.


I plan to develop a program that will build upon our Community's current Christmas Drive and assist those in need during the Holidays. I also wish to leave the door open for more suggestions from our residents for a productive use of these funds.

Transparency in Government


I am one hundred percent in favor of Transparency in Government. By allowing such transparency it provides better opportunity for the citizens to become more informed and, as a result, more involved in the political process.


There are numerous avenues that we can take as a Governing Entity to making ourselves more accessible to the community and if elected, I will make myself available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all citizens of Phillipsburg. My door will always be open and my phone will always be answered.


I also feel that airing the Council Meetings on the Public Access Channel (PAC) is an excellent idea, however there are many individuals that subscribe to Satellite Television and because of this they are unable to view these recorded meetings on the PAC. My proposal is to add the recordings to the Town of Phillipsburg’s website where they can be viewed by anyone at any time with a broadband Internet connection.


For far too long the citizens of this town have felt there was a barrier between them and the Local Government. For various reasons the people felt they have had no voice or perhaps their voices were going unheard…I propose to enact quarterly meetings between Council and the Residents to remove that barrier and bring them in on the political process.


It’s easy to tell someone that their taxes are being raised but it’s even easier and more acceptable when they are brought in on the process and can understand why.



Absentee Landlords & Propery Maintenance


For far too long I have witnessed the destruction that absentee landlords have caused to our community. They are driven by money and could care less about the quality of life for our residents.


Don’t you think its time we put a stop to their destructive practices and let them know that Phillipsburg will no longer be their meal ticket? I do.


Most of the landlords live in other parts of New Jersey or Pennsylvania and possess the “You can’t see it from my house” mentality just as long as the State money keeps rolling in.


This is not only an uncaring and unethical practice but it’s completely unacceptable to me when the residents of our town end up being victimized by their unfair practices. These types of property owners leave the honest and caring landlords with a poor image…and that too is unfair. It’s time to weed them out.


I’d also like to explore the possibility of providing tax incentives to our residents and property owners who keep their properties well maintained all year round without issue. When we live in a society where the bad receive punishment…shouldn’t we balance it out by rewarding those who participate and follow the rules?

Youth Programs


Our children are our future…they need places to go and activities to take part in that will decrease the possibilities of them ending up in the criminal justice system and/or abusing drugs and alcohol.


Study after study shows that adolescents without proper direction, care, and access to recreational facilities will end up abusing drugs and/or alcohol and quite possibility turning to crime to fund their addictions.


Today, many of our parks are rundown and the Youth Center is in dire need of rehabilitation. I am completely in favor of such a rehabilitation and keeping the facility open while the kids are off of school (Including Holidays).


I would also like to investigate the possibility of hosting pool dances and setting up a Police sub-station at the Youth Center so the Police Officers can get to know the kids in our community on a personal level and form positive relationships with them.


There are many institutions and organizations that would donate money, labor, and/or material for these projects and I will gladly spearhead each project during my term to ensure they happen.

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Robert Fulper